Open Letter to Congressman Sam Graves Regarding the Constituent Survey

Here are is the survey mentioned below:

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Dear Congressman Graves;

This survey is completely biased and will lead to inaccurate results. Since you did not leave a box for comments, I thought I would go line by line and explain my opinions and thoughts with you in an email.

1. Do you believe the country is on the right track or wrong track?
—-This is probably your best question with the answers provided.

2. What do you feel should be Congress’s top priorities?
—- This is also a great question however you did not leave a box for “other” and your answers were not worded the best. You also failed to include the Environment as an option. This category could encompass “river protection” so I’m not sure why you got that specific.

3. Do you think Obamacare should be repealed?
—- This is an open ended question and this issue is complex. My personal opinion is that we should be on par with the rest of the world and make a healthcare for everyone system. We should also have paid maternity and paternity leave as well. However, this was not an option and again, provided no box for further comment.

4. Congressman Graves helped pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act through the House of Representatives this January. The bill creates a permanent,government-wide prohibition against using federal dollars to pay for abortions. Do you support the intent of this legislation?
—- I completely understand that as a politician in an office that doesn’t have term limits that will likely be running for re-election and therefore need to let people know that you are doing work for them in Washington. However, this bill was completely unnecessary. The Hyde Amendment was passed in 1977, which is well before your time in the United States House of Representatives. So, if the intent is to waste my tax dollars paying the salaries of yourself and your staff on an unnecessary bill to show off so that you will win the support of the “pro-life” voting block, then no I do not support the intent of this legislation. This is also to say nothing to the argument that making abortion inaccessible to women may go against Roe v. Wade. However, that is another matter entirely.

5. How should Congress address illegal immigration?
—- Your available answers were as follows: increase border security, including building a wall, crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, do more to prevent illegals from obtaining government benefits, all of the above, unsure. Does it not occur to yourself or your staff that there would be left leaning people in your constituency and maybe you should know how many people feel this way? My opinion, as your constituent, is that all of these are terrible ideas that waste federal tax money. And as someone who is supposedly a conservative, I would think that you would be against the unnecessary spending of tax money. Building a wall will not help when it comes to the people overstaying their visas (, and it will arguably harm our international reputation.

6. Earlier this year, Sam helped introduce a bill to stop so-called “Sanctuary Cities,” which refuse to enforce immigration laws and protect illegal immigrants from being deported. Do you think the federal government should be taking action against Sanctuary Cities?
—- It is not the job of cities to enforce federal immigration law. It is the job of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

7. Should reducing the federal debt take priority over every issue in Congress today?
—- We have bigger issues to worry about right now. Besides, an estimated $5 trillion is owed to ourselves (about 1/5 of the $17 trillion total).

8. Sam is working to develop policies that increase treatments for veterans suffering from PTSD. Do you think enough is being done to provide and care for our veterans?
—- Decriminalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol and tobacco. This not only helps people have access to something that helps improve their quality of life but can also increase tax revenue for state and federal governments. If you claim to be an advocate for veterans and fail to see the value in providing medicine that is effective for them to lead a quality of life you are not doing your job in representing all of us. John Oliver recently did a fantastic part of his show on this topic that you should watch ( Besides legalizing cannabis, ensuring that we have social welfare policies in place to support veterans who are in a rough place in life, would be a great place to start.

9. Should more be done to support and strengthen our military?
—- Aren’t you Republicans wanting to spend less money and decrease the national deficit? Besides, why in the hell are we spending that much on a strengthened military when we are not technically at war? Yes, it provides jobs and training to those who may not have any other opportunities, but more than 50% of the discretionary budget when we can’t take care of veterans is a bit ridiculous and frankly shameful.

10. Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s performance so far?
—- Really? Are you asking this question? What President Trump has been doing is by many legal expert’s opinions, impeachable. His administration is riddled with hypocrisy, incompetence, and controversy. I could write an entire book on my feelings of what Trump is doing and why I disagree with it. America and the Republican party has turned into a disgrace for allowing him to take the actions he has.
In closing, I wanted to be frank about some other things.

I did not vote for you during this last election. Even though your opponent was severely underprepared and did not run a great campaign, I voted for him. There was a time that Republicans were not crazy and did not deny facts from people that were experts in their fields. I hope we can return to those days.



R.A. Young

Constituent of 64068-8473


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